Respec, D’oh!

Have you ever respecced and accidentally misspent 1 point? I respecced to get HT talents in Resto, and for the Balance tree, I wanted Insect Swarm. Instead I put the last point in Control of Nature. Well, at least I’ll have no trouble getting away.




Posts will be few and far between these coming weeks, what with the end of the semester and a ton of grading I’ll be doing. In fact, the blog will slow down in general since I have real-life obligations I need to tend to. Playing will continue as usual, but I simply don’t have the time and energy to put into the blog (time and energy that I need for more important work). I imagine I’ll post updates and screenshots and such, but that will be about it (although I do have an idea for a post that I hope to get to over Christmas break).

As far as the game is going, Gillir got Leatherworking to 360: which means he’s only five points away from crafting his Hood of Primal Life. It’s going to be a tough five points though since the patterns at this point require a lot of mats. From 365 on it shouldn’t be a problem since I’ll be able to make drums, but until 365, a lot of clefthoofs are going down.

The alts continue to move on up. Tsoai is now in Theramore so he’ll be checking out the new quests in that area.

As for Karazhan, we finally got back into rhythm this past week after an extended break. We got the Oz event for the first time and one-shotted it; especially noteworthy seeing as we went into it with minimal knowledge. Curator is a piece of cake now; our feral druid now has his T4 gloves. We didn’t get to Shade of Aran last night, but hopefully we will soon.

Enhancement and Heroics

So I took the opportunity of a free respec for Tsoai and went enhancement with him. The most frustrating thing about it is having to level up a two-handed weapon. I found a decent mace on the AH and had to start from scratch on it. Then I had to swing and miss a hundred times, swing and miss, swing and miss. Luckily I remembered to start off with low level mobs first, then when the weapon skill leveling slowed down, went on to my level range.

Swing, miss.

Swing, miss.

Swing, hit. Woohoo! I’m actually killing a mob with my mace!

I gave enhancement a go for about half a level at one point, but went back to elemental. I plan on sticking with it this time because it is supposed to be the quickest way to level (at the least, you don’t have to stop and drink constantly). Besides, melee will be a change of pace from my usual play style, so it should be fun.

Gillir ran his first heroic last night. Blood Furnace. Not so good, but seeing that it was my first time it could have been worse. I’ll spare you the gory details.

Free Respec for Shamans

I saw this article this morning and went over and checked my armory page and, yes, Tsoai is currently “untalented.” A welcome surprise since I was thinking of moving enhancement points over into elemental. Now to figure out what to do…

It’s Quiet, Too Quiet

Sorry for lack of posts and updates, RL has been busy with the semester getting closer to its end, which means tons of grading to do. The alts are leveling nicely: shammy is at 32 and shadow priest at 29. Gillir is doing his dailies. The guild has been in a lull lately as far as the endgame, a few have been busy with real-life obligations and others are bringing up alts.  Looking forward to 2.3 and hoping to get the leatherworking back in gear with crafting the drums. Otherwise, not much else to say right now.

Holy Blog Stats, Batman!

So it looks like this humble, little blog has received the WOW Insider effect: 1,574 visits today so far. Well, I hope you enjoy Smoosh’s comic, and maybe you can find something else useful or informative in my own posts. At least I’ve done my part in preserving this piece of resto druid history. 😉

Thanks for coming by and thanks to WOW Insider for the link.