Posts will be few and far between these coming weeks, what with the end of the semester and a ton of grading I’ll be doing. In fact, the blog will slow down in general since I have real-life obligations I need to tend to. Playing will continue as usual, but I simply don’t have the time and energy to put into the blog (time and energy that I need for more important work). I imagine I’ll post updates and screenshots and such, but that will be about it (although I do have an idea for a post that I hope to get to over Christmas break).

As far as the game is going, Gillir got Leatherworking to 360: which means he’s only five points away from crafting his Hood of Primal Life. It’s going to be a tough five points though since the patterns at this point require a lot of mats. From 365 on it shouldn’t be a problem since I’ll be able to make drums, but until 365, a lot of clefthoofs are going down.

The alts continue to move on up. Tsoai is now in Theramore so he’ll be checking out the new quests in that area.

As for Karazhan, we finally got back into rhythm this past week after an extended break. We got the Oz event for the first time and one-shotted it; especially noteworthy seeing as we went into it with minimal knowledge. Curator is a piece of cake now; our feral druid now has his T4 gloves. We didn’t get to Shade of Aran last night, but hopefully we will soon.


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