Gillir the Tank Debuts

I should have posted on this sooner, but I’ve been rather busy as of late with mid-term grading. Anyway, the title pretty much explains it: Gillir did his first tanking this past Saturday. We had some folks wanting to run Headless Horseman and none of our tanks were on, so I volunteered to respec and tank for the night. Headless Horseman is not that tough of a fight either, so its ease allowed me some comfort in getting accustomed to tanking. I have to say that I held aggro every fight (10 times we did it since it was everyone’s first night). One mistake I made (once) was not going bear soon enough and so HH hit me in night elf form. Then the one and only time the adds spawned, they got our warlock before I could get them on me. Our healer said I did a great job, so I guess I did. I’m looking forward to tanking again.


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