Compilation of 2.4 Changes

In case you haven’t seen it yet, MMO-Champion has a compilation of known 2.4 changes.

Looking at it all together, you can get a sense of how huge this patch is. For Gillir, I’m saving up my badges to get the Gavel of Naaru Blessings (about halfway there right now). Shroud of Nature’s Harmony looks tempting too, and a little cheaper as well. For Tsoai, it looks like the reputation PVP gear will be a convenient way to gear him up. The Kara attunement change will get him into Kara a little quicker (although my guild has been very good about getting its members–mains and alts–attuned). And the easier-to-obtain Jewelcrafting recipes and gems will be a welcome change.

In general, I’m glad to see some new content. The Skettis and Ogri-la dailies have grown tiresome to me (I hardly do them anymore). The dynamics of the Shattered Sun Offensive should spice things up. I’m looking forward to getting into Magister’s Terrace, too.

Hopefully we’ll see the patch tomorrow.


Go Heels!

Carolina is in the Sweet 16.


San Antonio or Bust!

Happy Blogiversary

I’m going to go ahead and post this today because I won’t have time to do so tomorrow.

One year ago, on March 24th, this blog started up. In the past year, this blog has moved from Blogger to WordPress, then changed its name and address, and has documented a resto druid’s journey from 1 to 70 and through the bosses of Kara.

Here are what I count as my favorite posts:

Guide to Outland Healing Gear 58-63 : Put a lot of time and research into this one.

Outland : Going to Outland for the first time.

The Big Seven-0 :Dinging 70.

L2P Treeform : Not mine, but it got a lot of attention.

Wild Leather Quests Guide : Another one I put a lot of time and energy into, although not as relevant as it maybe used to be.

While this blog has fallen quite silent the past little while, I’m still glad to have it to preserve the otherwise ephemeral events of this game.

One year and still going: not too shabby.

Nalorakk Down

We finally got our first ZA boss last night. Granted, ZA has not been a high priority with us and we’ve only went in a few times, so this accomplishment has been a little longer in the waiting than it should have been. Nonetheless, Nalorakk is finally down.


And here are some screenshots from Tsoai’s journeys:

Gate to Burning Steppes

Honoring Uther

In Outland

Not Much

Just putting up a post to say I’m still around, still playing, but don’t have the time to update the blog on a regular basis. Briefly, I’m glad that stupid Lifebloom nerf got changed to affect the bloom portion only and the Regrowth buff looks promising.

In other news, Tsoai has hit 60 and is questing in Outland. His Jewelcrafting is at 350. So, not much going on otherwise.

Happy Birthday, Gillir!

One year ago today I started playing Gillir. I had been playing about a month when my neighbor told me about his guild. I then created a new character on Boulderfist to join The Olde Guard. In one year, this guy has gotten to 70, gotten fully geared in epics, and has seen Kara fully cleared. Not a bad first year. So, Happy Birthday, Gillir!

Achieving Slow

The name of the game when dual wielding is to get slow weapons. With the 3 second Windfury cooldown, you want weapons as close to 3 seconds as possible to achieve the optimal procs of WF (or something like that, check it out here). So one challenge particular to running a DW WF enhancement shammy is finding two weapons with the appropriate speed. I had found some decent weapons around 2.6, 2.7, (and even ran a bit with a 1.9 axe, but that’s just between you and me), but I could never get an exact match for both weapons until Friday when I finally got a hold of two 2.8 maces. While I had to give up blues for greens (Smashing Star of the Bear and of the Tiger), anecdotally speaking, I can see an improvement and WF seems to be proccing more often. Slow is better.