Enhancement and Heroics

So I took the opportunity of a free respec for Tsoai and went enhancement with him. The most frustrating thing about it is having to level up a two-handed weapon. I found a decent mace on the AH and had to start from scratch on it. Then I had to swing and miss a hundred times, swing and miss, swing and miss. Luckily I remembered to start off with low level mobs first, then when the weapon skill leveling slowed down, went on to my level range.

Swing, miss.

Swing, miss.

Swing, hit. Woohoo! I’m actually killing a mob with my mace!

I gave enhancement a go for about half a level at one point, but went back to elemental. I plan on sticking with it this time because it is supposed to be the quickest way to level (at the least, you don’t have to stop and drink constantly). Besides, melee will be a change of pace from my usual play style, so it should be fun.

Gillir ran his first heroic last night. Blood Furnace. Not so good, but seeing that it was my first time it could have been worse. I’ll spare you the gory details.


2 Responses

  1. I leveled Elemental myself straight from 1 – 70. I enjoyed it because I was out of range of most of the mobs. I’ve heard that leveling as Enhancement is much more efficient as there is not much downtime required. In other words, you wouldn’t spend as much time drinking (in theory). Again, I don’t know which is better. I don’t have a particular desire to level another Shaman again. But Elemental is quite awesome =).

  2. I keep going back and forth on it. I’ll give this a go for a few more levels, but will probably end up going back to Elemental at some point. No biggie since it was a free respec.

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