Nightbane R.I.P.


Well, that was a tough one. We went in on Friday night and made five unsuccessful attempts. Last night, we did it in three or four (not sure, they start blurring together).

Handling the transitions from flight to ground phases is really key to this fight: you’ve got to stop healing at least 10 seconds before he lands so that the tank can get aggro. We also had our paladin healer stand on the other side of Nightbane which helped too; he was able to focus completely on the melee and tank, and if they got feared that way, he was able to heal them.

In addition, we have cleared all of Kara except for Netherspite, so a nice way to end the year for The Olde Guard.

And in other good news, with the much-needed help of my guildies on the primals, I finally made this:

Windhawk Hauberk.

Have a Happy New Year!


One Year of WoW


This is Tsoai. He was born a year ago today, my first WoW character. And he was a druid. I had played Warcraft III, and my neighbor had told me about WoW, so during my Christmas break last year, I decided to try it out. And was hooked from the get go.

I got him to lvl 27 when the aforementioned neighbor got me into his guild: but I had to leave Tsoai behind since the guild was Alliance on a PVP server (although I kept the name for my shaman). And so Gillir was born. But today it’s all about Tsoai: my first character, my first druid. He was even Resto; I guess some things are just meant to be.


Those Antlers are Quite Droody


There it is, my T4 helm: Crown of Malorne.

We got our second win over Prince last night, took three tries. First time we had good infernal drops but lost the tank in the second phase. Second time was bad luck with the infernals. Third time worked like a charm: good infernal positions, we healed tank through the second phase, I was able to battle rez the one melee that we lost so at the end every one of us was standing.

No meta gem yet for the helm: I blew my gold this past week leveling my Leatherworking to 375 so that I can make Windhawk Hauberk, but once I’ve run a few dailies I can see about getting that meta slot filled. Bracing Earthstorm appears to be the obvious choice.

In this picture, too, you can see the Forest Wind Shoulderpads that dropped from The Curator this past week.

Also, I’ve started compiling WWS reports for our guild. That is such an awesome resource to see exactly what you are doing in a fight. The damage meters are nice, but WWS reports let you isolate and focus on specific fights. And it’s not that hard to do (check out BRK’s post on how to WWS).

Of Ogres and Shadow

King of Ogres

I hope everyone had a nice and happy Christmas yesterday. My four-year old made quite the haul between Santa and family. As for WoW, as you can see above, I finally completed the Ogri-la opening quests. My priest hit 40 and on top of getting her mount (woohoo, no more running!) she got Shadowform, which also makes for quicker questing. And on that point, let me say that Dustwallow Marsh is definitely the place to go when you get to around 40: Blizzard has applied the quest design of Burning Crusade to this area with quests grouped close together, many of which you can do simultaneously. I was able to do almost a complete level (from 11% to ding) with only about 30% rested XP within two hours last night.

Here are some pictures:





Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays!

Mark to Be Buffed?


Via World of Raids:

Eyonix writes:

“We recongize (sic) the concerns expressed in regards to mark of the wild and it may very well see improvement for Wrath of the Lich King. I do strongly disagree that it’s anywhere as useless as you claim, however.

Also keep in mind, because it affects all stats, some class/specs benefit from it more than others .”

Another Night in Kara

So the first time wasn’t a fluke: We downed Aran again last night in two tries. The first time we wiped because of bad timing: The flame wreath came up right after our mage blinked out of Aran’s slow and so he set it off. And it’s certainly a good thing to have four druids in the group because battle rezzes and Tranquility are a huge help in this fight. And with that fight, I hit Exalted with The Violet Eye.

As well, earlier yesterday I broke down and spent the 35 badges I had saved on these:
Gargon’s Bracers Peaceful Slumber

Put a Royal Nightseye on them and as soon as I can corner one of the guild enchanters I’ll get the +30 Healing enchant as well.

I had originally been saving up for Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons and so was hesitant to set myself back to nothing with buying these bracers. But after doing some research, I discovered that these are the best bracers that I will be able to obtain (see here). I’m not heading to SSC (Grove-Bands of Remulos) or Hyjal (Rejuvenating Bracers) and the crafted BOE (Bracers of Renew Life) has neither Spirit or a socket.