Now that I have your attention: Spent some time on Brewfest activities and beatin’ up Coren Direbrew. For his efforts, Tsoai came up with this:
The Black Brewmaiden who is summonable from Balebrew Charm and, of course, a Wolpertinger.

Still looking for the AP trinket (Empty Mug of Direbrew) to drop.

And here he is sampling the local color of the Grim Guzzler.


Grizzly Hills

I checked out Grizzly Hills on my premade hunter and think that so far it is my favorite zone as far as looks and atmosphere goes. In the area around Amberpine Lodge, you stand in the midst of an old-growth forest, towering redwood-like trees, and you hear in the background music the lonesome strains of a fiddle.

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I can haz motorcycle

I can haz bear


Just popping in to say that I am still around, still playing. I got into beta, so I have plenty to talk about regarding that. Hopefully I’ll find some time in my busy schedule to write up something more in depth, and maybe even get back to blogging more regularly. Hope to see you more often.

In the meantime, check out my Flickr stream for screenshots from beta.