Onward and Upward

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated so here’s the goings-on of late for Ol’ Gil. I dinged 43 last night: the last half of that level was from SM: Armory (more on that in a bit). Leatherworking is at 256: I made a good run in leveling LW while doing the wild leather quests, but that’s slowed down now that the patterns are requiring more mats and less-easily obtained mats. Two patterns on the horizon that I want to make are: Wildfeather Leggings and Living Shoulders. Both should be effective additions to my healing gear.

Speaking of healing, I did my first run as a healer in SM: Armory last night. Group Continue reading


Now This Looks Cool

Action-Figure has news about a Series 2 of WoW figures to be released next February. And it will include a Druid! And it also makes up for the Alliance-light first series. There’s also news about a Draenei Paladin figure, as well, who looks like the one in the BC opening cinematic.


Photo from Action-Figure

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My Space

I had been thinking about doing this for awhile, but never got around to it. Via Kinless, I saw that Cuppycake has started a meme of showing your play space, so here’s mine:


Crappy computer desk
Dell XPS 400 and 19″ monitor
Spawn action figures to the left
Notes, leveling, and crafting guides on the desk

And occasionally I have the company of one or both of these guys in this chair to my left:

Wild Leather Quests Guide

Wild Leather Quests Guide

I’m currently working on the last quest in this chain and after having done a lot of combing through the usual sites (Allakhazam, Thottbot, WoWhead, WoWWiki) I have found it a difficult to get a clear, step-by-step guide of what these quests entail. So here’s my attempt to lay it all out as accurately and clearly as I can. Also, I’m writing this from the Alliance side; the same requirements still apply to Horde, but the NPC will be Jangdor Swiftstrider. And if there are any errors or omissions, please let me know and I’ll make the corrections.

Go to Pratt McGrubben (30,42) at Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas. He’s just a few steps from the flightpoint, in a shelter to the left of the inn. You’ll need to be at 200 LW to be able to craft the needed items (although I guess you could buy them or get them from a friend, but that would be no fun).


Here are the quests you will have to complete:
Step 1:
Wild Leather Armor
Wild Leather Shoulders

Step 2:
Wild Leather Helmet
Wild Leather Vest

Step 3:
Wild Leather Boots
Wild Leather Leggings



Here are the patterns you’ll need to complete the quests:

Wild Leather Armor: N/A, just need 10xThick Leather

Wild Leather Shoulders:
Thick Armor Kit (x6)

Wild Leather Helmet:
Nightscape Tunic
Nightscape Headband (x2)

Wild Leather Vest:
Turtle Scale Breastplate(x2)
Turtle Scale Gloves(x2)

Wild Leather Boots:
Nightscape Pants(x2)
Nightscape Boots(x2)

Wild Leather Leggings:
Turtle Scale Helm
Turtle Scale Bracers(x2)

All of these patterns are available from the trainer except Turtle Scale Gloves (more on that below).



So, those are the recipes, what about the mats? Here you go (you might want to be sitting down for this):
192 x Thick Leather
112 x Turtle Scale
Silken Thread
Heavy Silken Thread

Plus, you’ll need Wildvine x 7


Potential bottlenecks:

There are 3 points of these quests that will definitely try your patience:
a) Obtaining the Turtle Scale Gloves pattern. Supposedly ol’ Pratt has it but I checked multiple times, saw it cycle through the other patterns he carried, but never this one (someone else may have gotten it before me, too). I got lucky and found it on the AH. The upshot here is to be prepared for some delay in getting this pattern.

b) Grinding for Turtle Scales. Once I saw 4 on the AH (didn’t buy them), I got 4 from a guildie, and the rest have been from turtles. The best place to grind for them (if you’re around lvl. 41) is on the coast of Tanaris: Steeljaw Snapper. Another area would be north of Theramore, although they don’t drop as frequently. With 112 of these you need, be ready for some serious grinding.

c) And the other major obstacle is the Wildvine. I’ve gotten mine from the AH, a little expensive, but with all the turtles you have to grind, do you really want to have to also go after the trolls in Gankathorn Vale or The Hinterlands?


So why do these quests?
1. If you’re going to specialize in Tribal then you have to do them because you need to complete Master of the Wild Leather. After that you can talk to Caryssia Moonhunter for the Tribal Leatherworking quest. (You have to be lvl. 40 to get it, by the way.)
2. You gain patterns that you can get nowhere else.
3. You can level your LW and your XP at the same time: with all that grinding and completing the quests, you can’t help but gain XP.
4. You’re a completist and want every pattern that you can get.

Well, hopefully this little guide clarifies the process and gives you some preparation for the insane amounts of mats you will have to gather to complete it. Happy crafting!

Of Wolf and Man


Got LW up high enough to craft the Wolfshead Helm. It will be a boon for this reason:

Equip: When shapeshifting into Cat form the Druid gains 20 energy, when shapeshifting into Bear form the Druid gains 5 rage.

Since I only have 2 points in Furor (and will probably be putting no more there), this helm should help out a lot in getting that much-needed initial rage or energy when Gil shifts.

Speaking of specs, it’s decision time. Gil now has 31 points in resto and so has Swiftmend. (Here’s the spec). Now the question is: Where to go from here? I could keep going in the resto tree, but that’s not my top choice because I want to have points in either Feral or Balance for grinding. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get Tree of Life. There are two possible options here: take a detour through feral or balance then come back to resto (something like this in balance, for instance. Or put the remaining points into another tree then respec for full resto later. I am leaning toward this build:


I like grinding in feral and I can get points in Nurturing Instinct and Heart of the Wild which would complement resto. Any suggestions are indeed welcome.


From the Patch 2.2 notes:


  • New epic swim form. Druids needed another method to escape.
  • Bear and cat druids will now catch fleas. Fleas drink your blood. Ouch.
  • Moonkin form will be removed.
  • Another distasteful and brown colored armor set will be added. Yes, it will look like poop. Poop is part of nature too.
  • Oomkin form will be added as a new 31 point talent for balance. Oomkin form can launch nuclear missiles and go stealth, but red dots appear on targets. 12-18 second casting time, depending on youtube video that we’re closely analyzing of star…warcraft 2.2. Instantly drains mana… oom, yea.

Via WoW Insider

Midnight Rider


Dinged on Thursday, got the mount yesterday. A guildmate helped out with the last bit of gold I needed and then him and another lvl. 70 guildie did some of the Stromgarde quests with me in Arathi, so it was a nice way to celebrate Gillir’s forty-hood. Leatherworking is at 217. Skinning is at 237. Not much else extraordinary to report; been grinding in Badlands, and have a couple of quests to finish there then will need to figure out where to go next. Of course there’s SM and Ulda to do, but not sure which zone to focus on.