Gorilla Tankadin

A guildie needed a run through ZF last night so that provided a good opportunity to test out the gorilla AOE tankage. Now, granted, a 62 hunter and 57 gorilla are obviously overpowered for a low-40s instance, but that also provided for a larger margin of error (which I like to have). The gorilla holds threat quite well. Thunderstomp keeps mobs’ attention and pulls back those that start straying over to me. And we’re talking a 57 pet holding aggro over a 62 hunter, too (although, again, lower-level mobs may be an issue here). Here is his build (from memory, so hopefully it’s accurate): http://www.wowhead.com/?petcalc=0uzG0rMz0z. So, as BRK has argued, the gorilla does look to be a viable tanking pet. After the run, I went and tamed a silverback from Stranglethorn and named him Grodd (and now the names for the gorillas in Feralas make sense).


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