Cowboys from Hell


Killed a satyr, got a new hat: Dokebi Hat (dropped in Desolace). I lose the stamina of the Insignia Cap, but gain bonuses in strength and spirit. And for more superficial reasons, the Dokebi is a little more stylin’.

A quick observation: I’ve noticed how some zones really click and I can level fast and others just fall flat. Duskwood and Desolace have provided the G-Man with quite efficient leveling. I know, everybody hates Desolace, but I like the open spaces. And while Duskwood is dark and physically dense, I had some good luck there and those worgen were great leveling fodder.


Black Mirror

The tower in Southshore.

Spent the weekend on an alt binge but got back onto Gillir yesterday and he’s not far from 36. I finally got Outfitter set up to switch between solo and healing gears. Here are the stats:






While working on the Worth Its Weight in Gold quest, I had a few greens drop: two I equipped and each had around +7-8 stam, so the stamina stat is doing pretty good.

After dinging 35 on Friday, Gillir trekked all over Kalimdor to get alchemy trained up: first to Feathermoon Stronghold for the artisan training, then over to Gadgetzan for the philosopher’s stone and transmute recipes, and now he’s no longer stuck at 225 (as he has been for the past 10 levels).

So, that’s the latest news.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

It’s Alive!

The realms aren’t back up yet, but the official site has patch 2.1 on the front page.

Crash Course in Brain Surgery


Gillir got a ravage crit of 502 the other night. That’s the largest crit he’s gotten so far. And that was after respeccing to resto; go figure.

In other news, I rolled a Draenei priest since that was the only class I haven’t tried out so far. We’ll see how things go after the honeymoon is over; she’s at lvl 12 right now and the play style takes some adjustment since there’s little room for error and she deals less damage (she’s going holy). Been spending a lot of time on corpse runs, but I’m starting to get the hang of it (I think).

The Obligatory Post Regarding the News that Everyone Knows

Blizzard has announced Starcraft 2 as their next game.

Before WoW I was an RTS player, probably went through Warcraft 3 and its expansion at least three times, as well as playing Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends (although I never played Starcraft). Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how the new game develops.

A Dark Threat Looms


Well, no dancing furbolgs and grand celebration (as with the Draenei capstone quest ) but a nice little shout-out nonetheless. Tsotoski was able to complete this quest-chain solo, which is somewhat difficult given that the Mo’Grosh crystal drops from the elite 18-19 ogres. One ended up dropping after about ten or so ogres (spread out over a couple of different days). I had been fighting them with Waya (wolf) but came back with Setimkia (bear) and that did the trick (being level 18 helped, too, of course). A little back story on Setimkia: he was “Deathclaw”, a wanted mob on Bloodmyst Isle. I had seen him while playing my Draenei shammy and thought he’d make a very distinctive pet. The name, too, has significance: It comes from a Kiowa chief and means “charging bear” or “an animal pressing down” (although it was mistranslated as “stumbling bear”).