Entering Arenas

Last evening saw my first foray into arenas. 5v5. I played 3 games to get my time in and we went 2-1. Not bad I guess. Although, our team rating is only 1400 (my personal is 1483) so there’s nothing to brag about there. It made for a completely different play experience. I don’t do battlegrounds so my experience in PVP healing is quite low. I have to say that I did enjoy it and want to get better at it. Our guild teams are basically for grinding arena points. We have a few guys who are serious PVPers, but for the most part, we’re just having fun. I was expecting to be targeted more than I was. For the most part, it seemed that no one was even after me. Perhaps they saw my noob PVP rep gear and assumed I was of little threat. Anyway, I still have a lot to learn.


New Warcraft Figure

A class and a race we haven’t seen yet in DC’s Warcraft figures is now on the horizon: A Tauren Hunter. Where is his pet?


Speaking of hunters, I rolled one the other day and finally got her pet last night. The grind to level 10 is so hard with a hunter, but once you get the pet: wow, what a difference! We’ll see how it goes. I’d like to have a character for gathering, especially skinning, so that I can have Gillir take up another primary profession, possibly Tailoring. But that’s all speculation right now. I do enjoy playing a hunter so far (and I have gotten one up to 28 before and I enjoyed playing that class then too), so maybe I’ll stick with it. I’m just a little ADD when it comes to alts, I’m afraid. Luckily, I’ve been keeping good discipline with Gillir’s epic grind: he’s up to 1700g now, so it’s going a little faster than I thought it would.

Madness! Then Harmony.


So I get out of an MGT run and what do I find but utter anarchy surrounding Smith Hauthaa.

Boulderfist unlocked the Sunwell badges vendor last night. It was impossible to talk to her at that time, but I returned this morning around 10:00AM and got Shroud of Nature’s Harmony (which upgrades me from Stonebough Jerkin).

I was torn between it and the uber-healing mace, but could not part with the +55 Spirit on my Nightstaff of the Everliving.

Epic Flight or Bust

So I have finally motivated myself to get the epic flight form. I had been dillydallying around, spending gold as I make it, and not doing regularly any questing or dailies. Last week, though, I got the epic flight bug and have been making a more disciplined endeavor to save gold. Thus far, I have a little over 900 gold. I’m figuring that if I maintain this rate, I can get to 5,000 in about two months (maybe faster if I get more time to quest and farm). Gaining the Advantage has been very helpful since I can farm leather and heavy clefthoof to sell on the AH. And since I now have my cooking to 375 I have been doing that daily. Additionally, I still have a ton of Netherstorm quests to do, so bringing in the gold shouldn’t be too much of hassle: I just need to practice patience and restraint (i.e. only spend gold for raid-related expenses). By the way, Keredria has a good article on doing some of the new dailies, go check it out here.