So Much to Do, So Little Time to Do It

When I was finally able to get on last night right before 9:00 the first thing that popped up was “SERVER RESTART 15:00.” Darn it! I had enough time to get Gillir specced and the new action bars (Dominos) fixed. About a hour later, I get back in, spec Outshined, fix her bars, spec Tsoai, fix his bars, get him to Exodar, train spells, train Inscription, then the server goes down. And that was it for the rest of the night. I’ve got stacks and stacks of herbs and am ready to powerlevel Inscription, but need time to do it! Oh well, hopefully tonight will be better.


Addon Hell Tomorrow?

Supposedly the patch is tomorrow and I am dreading having to deal with the addons. I’m almost tempted to start from scratch with them. I know there are some must-haves, like Grid, but so much of what I have isn’t really necessary. And since I’ve played in Beta with the basic interface, I know I don’t need a lot of what I use. I guess I’ll wait to see what breaks and what works tomorrow.

One Year at 70

A year ago today, Gillir, my first character, hit 70. Since then, I’ve been on my guild’s first kills of The Curator and up in Kara and 3/4 bosses in ZA. Epic flight? Check. Shaman alt has hit 70 and the hunter will hopefully be there before the expansion. Quite a year.

Taming Sian-Rotam

Outshined hit 60 yesterday and with that, I went to Winterspring to tame Sian-Rotam. I had been looking forward to grabbing him as a pet for a while, given his uniqueness and the challenge of taming him, so I was happy to finally have a chance to do so. More after the jump…

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Deathclasp and the Hunter

As I’ve been levelling my hunter, I haven’t taken on too many notable elites (granted, there aren’t many left in the wild these days, anyway). I did solo Mor’Ladim in Duskwood, but he wasn’t that tough. On the other hand, as I was questing in Silithus the other day, I picked up the quest for Deathclasp. A 59 elite with two non-elite adds. He has a stunning poison, knockback, and is just a general bad-ass. So, Outshined and Unsung, her faithful kitty, both at level 57, decided to take him down.

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Whew, Blizz really seems to be swinging the nerf bat like crazy. I was reading Phaelia’s rundown of Ghostcrawler’s comments on resto changes and I have to say that I am not particularly heartened by what I am seeing. Maybe things will work out, but the way resto is going, I’m kind of glad to be switching over to feral for the xpac (although their situation may not be much better).

Oh yeah, I suppose I should fill in some details. While I levelled as resto and I continue to enjoy healing, I am going to switch specs with one of my guild’s present feral druids. He had healed up until 60 and went feral in BC, so we’re going to trade roles for WOTLK. He’ll go resto and I’ll go feral. That way, we keep our tank/healer balance in the guild and the two of us get to play something different. For that reason, I’ve been playing feral in the beta, so I’m not too informed about how these resto changes are affecting us. I plan on healing between the patch and the xpac, so I’ll see for sure then how this will all work out.

Another alt to Outland

Just a quick note to say that my third character arrived in Outland last night. Outshined, my hunter, hit 58 and went on to Honor Hold to train up her skinning and herbing. Not sure if she’ll stay in Azeroth until 60 or not. I have a cool story about an elite kill I’ll share later on when I have more time.