Deathclasp and the Hunter

As I’ve been levelling my hunter, I haven’t taken on too many notable elites (granted, there aren’t many left in the wild these days, anyway). I did solo Mor’Ladim in Duskwood, but he wasn’t that tough. On the other hand, as I was questing in Silithus the other day, I picked up the quest for Deathclasp. A 59 elite with two non-elite adds. He has a stunning poison, knockback, and is just a general bad-ass. So, Outshined and Unsung, her faithful kitty, both at level 57, decided to take him down.

First try: Scare Beast on Deathclasp and the cat grabs both adds. We’re burning down the adds and Deathclasp comes running after me. I freeze trap and we get the adds down, so time to focus on Deathclasp. We’re doing fine, he’s going down, then I grab aggro, forget to Feign Death, and we’re done.

Second Try: Same tactics as before, but one of the adds comes after me, wastes the freeze trap I had put down, chaos ensues. Deathclasp 2, Outshined/Unsung 0.

Third Try: more of the same, except this time I get knocked back off of the hill we are on, lose sight of Unsung, and so Deathclasp still lives.

Fourth try: More of the same. An add comes after me, Deathclasp runs roughshod over us, blah blah blah.

OK, one more try.

Fifth Try: Scare Beast on Deathclasp. Unsung grabs both adds. Freeze Trap Deathclasp. Both adds are down. But, oh sh-t!, Unsung’s health is too low! Mend Pet! Freeze Trap is available: Deathclasp trapped. Bandage Unsung. Send in the pet, Beastial Wrath, and Deathclasp is goin’ down!


A fight like this is one of the things that makes me love playing a hunter. You have to think on your feet and use every trick in the book. While the reward is sweet, the sense of accomplishment is even sweeter.


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