Whew, Blizz really seems to be swinging the nerf bat like crazy. I was reading Phaelia’s rundown of Ghostcrawler’s comments on resto changes and I have to say that I am not particularly heartened by what I am seeing. Maybe things will work out, but the way resto is going, I’m kind of glad to be switching over to feral for the xpac (although their situation may not be much better).

Oh yeah, I suppose I should fill in some details. While I levelled as resto and I continue to enjoy healing, I am going to switch specs with one of my guild’s present feral druids. He had healed up until 60 and went feral in BC, so we’re going to trade roles for WOTLK. He’ll go resto and I’ll go feral. That way, we keep our tank/healer balance in the guild and the two of us get to play something different. For that reason, I’ve been playing feral in the beta, so I’m not too informed about how these resto changes are affecting us. I plan on healing between the patch and the xpac, so I’ll see for sure then how this will all work out.


2 Responses

  1. I guess I should catch up on what changes will come to mages. On the alt front, I plan to stay with resto on my druid unless they really nerf it up. Will go read Ghostcrawler’s comments and see.

  2. Resto will still be a decent spec (I hope) but for those of us accustomed to the healing power of pre-nerf Lifebloom, the changes will take some getting used to.

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