Epic Flight or Bust

So I have finally motivated myself to get the epic flight form. I had been dillydallying around, spending gold as I make it, and not doing regularly any questing or dailies. Last week, though, I got the epic flight bug and have been making a more disciplined endeavor to save gold. Thus far, I have a little over 900 gold. I’m figuring that if I maintain this rate, I can get to 5,000 in about two months (maybe faster if I get more time to quest and farm). Gaining the Advantage has been very helpful since I can farm leather and heavy clefthoof to sell on the AH. And since I now have my cooking to 375 I have been doing that daily. Additionally, I still have a ton of Netherstorm quests to do, so bringing in the gold shouldn’t be too much of hassle: I just need to practice patience and restraint (i.e. only spend gold for raid-related expenses). By the way, Keredria has a good article on doing some of the new dailies, go check it out here.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck with your quest! I, too, was recently motivated to grind the gold to Epic Flight Form. The addition of the SSO dailies makes is much faster. If you have about 4500 gold to make (5000- your current 900 + a few hundred gold for raiding), you can likely make it in a little over a month, provided you practice the discipline you mention. 100G per day is not that hard with the addition of the SSO quests.

  2. Yes, it may go faster than I think it will. Since Friday I’ve made over 300 gold (and might have been more if it hadn’t been for some hefty repair bills from ZA).

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