Compilation of 2.4 Changes

In case you haven’t seen it yet, MMO-Champion has a compilation of known 2.4 changes.

Looking at it all together, you can get a sense of how huge this patch is. For Gillir, I’m saving up my badges to get the Gavel of Naaru Blessings (about halfway there right now). Shroud of Nature’s Harmony looks tempting too, and a little cheaper as well. For Tsoai, it looks like the reputation PVP gear will be a convenient way to gear him up. The Kara attunement change will get him into Kara a little quicker (although my guild has been very good about getting its members–mains and alts–attuned). And the easier-to-obtain Jewelcrafting recipes and gems will be a welcome change.

In general, I’m glad to see some new content. The Skettis and Ogri-la dailies have grown tiresome to me (I hardly do them anymore). The dynamics of the Shattered Sun Offensive should spice things up. I’m looking forward to getting into Magister’s Terrace, too.

Hopefully we’ll see the patch tomorrow.


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