Achieving Slow

The name of the game when dual wielding is to get slow weapons. With the 3 second Windfury cooldown, you want weapons as close to 3 seconds as possible to achieve the optimal procs of WF (or something like that, check it out here). So one challenge particular to running a DW WF enhancement shammy is finding two weapons with the appropriate speed. I had found some decent weapons around 2.6, 2.7, (and even ran a bit with a 1.9 axe, but that’s just between you and me), but I could never get an exact match for both weapons until Friday when I finally got a hold of two 2.8 maces. While I had to give up blues for greens (Smashing Star of the Bear and of the Tiger), anecdotally speaking, I can see an improvement and WF seems to be proccing more often. Slow is better.


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