Nightbane R.I.P.


Well, that was a tough one. We went in on Friday night and made five unsuccessful attempts. Last night, we did it in three or four (not sure, they start blurring together).

Handling the transitions from flight to ground phases is really key to this fight: you’ve got to stop healing at least 10 seconds before he lands so that the tank can get aggro. We also had our paladin healer stand on the other side of Nightbane which helped too; he was able to focus completely on the melee and tank, and if they got feared that way, he was able to heal them.

In addition, we have cleared all of Kara except for Netherspite, so a nice way to end the year for The Olde Guard.

And in other good news, with the much-needed help of my guildies on the primals, I finally made this:

Windhawk Hauberk.

Have a Happy New Year!


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