Another Night in Kara

So the first time wasn’t a fluke: We downed Aran again last night in two tries. The first time we wiped because of bad timing: The flame wreath came up right after our mage blinked out of Aran’s slow and so he set it off. And it’s certainly a good thing to have four druids in the group because battle rezzes and Tranquility are a huge help in this fight. And with that fight, I hit Exalted with The Violet Eye.

As well, earlier yesterday I broke down and spent the 35 badges I had saved on these:
Gargon’s Bracers Peaceful Slumber

Put a Royal Nightseye on them and as soon as I can corner one of the guild enchanters I’ll get the +30 Healing enchant as well.

I had originally been saving up for Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons and so was hesitant to set myself back to nothing with buying these bracers. But after doing some research, I discovered that these are the best bracers that I will be able to obtain (see here). I’m not heading to SSC (Grove-Bands of Remulos) or Hyjal (Rejuvenating Bracers) and the crafted BOE (Bracers of Renew Life) has neither Spirit or a socket.


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