The Progress of Progression

It’s really fascinating to me, as a neophyte raider, to see how our guild’s progression is evolving. When I reached 70 and began healing in Karazhan, The Curator was our brick wall, the thorn in our side. Now he’s on farm. But not only that: the speed with which we can progress through Kara becomes quicker each week. There was a time when just getting through Moroes was considered a good night. Now, Moroes is a small hurdle to get over.

One modification to our Kara strategy that has helped us is to focus solely on the mandatory bosses first, then come back and clean up the optional ones. For example, last night we did Moroes, Opera, and Curator. No, we’re not clearing Kara in 2 hours yet, but we’re certainly getting faster; and that’s a good feeling.


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