And there goes the Prince


So we gave him a whirl on Saturday night, but kept getting crushed trying to find these “safe spots” that the WoWWikki entry claims are there. They must not be there anymore. (According to Galadria in comments, the safe spots are still there.) Last night, we met him head on and got him on the second attempt. Honestly, it’s not that hard of a fight as long as the infernals don’t get you (and that’s also a matter of luck). Healing through the second phase can be a toughie, too. Our hunter got his T4 helm (grats Clos). So thus ends a very productive week for The Olde Guard, with two guild firsts: Aran and Prince.

We tried Netherspite, had our rotations planned out, but execution was tough, and it was late so we called it after a couple attempts. Some of us will be getting the Nightbane quest done tonight, so two more to go for Kara.


In other news, my priest hit 34 which means she can now do this:

So sing along…”Elevator lady, elevator lady, elevator lady, elevator lady / Levitate me” (The Pixies in case you’re wondering.)

Don’t know how particularly useful it will be, but it’s certainly cool to float across water.


3 Responses

  1. The safe spots are there as WoWWiki describes them, they are just hard to find. When you’re standing at the door looking at that far wall, there are 2 low points in the wall. The safe point for casters/ranged is the near one and the one for the tank is the far one. You do have to cluster up quite a bit. The little triangle made by the infernals is quite small if you happen to get unlucky, but it’s doable.

    Good job getting him down!

  2. Thanks, Galadria.

  3. The ‘spots’ my guild uses for consistently one-shotting Prince:

    Just on the other side of the door’s threshold for ranged/caster/healers (be careful not to be on the wrong side and get locked out).

    Tank is placed next to the wall just within range for healing.

    Melee are in between (within range of Prince, of course) so they can run back when enfeebled.

    Very seldom will an infernal land where the melee don’t have an escape path and/or can’t be healed.

    Good Hunting!

    – Flynx –

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