Illhoof Down

Just a quickie here: On our second guild try, my first, we downed Illhoof Monday night and with 8 players at the end. I was sacrificed when Illhoof was around 25%, then our shammy got hit with the next sacrifice. Got Cord of Nature’s Sustenance. The tough part for healing this fight is keeping the sacrifice victim alive: and I don’t have a good strategy for that. Probably takes more practice and alertness. I wasn’t the designated sacrifice healer (and be sure to have one) but I would throw an instant HOT to help out, but usually in vain since the person was dead before I could even get an instant on him. Luckily, we had three druids and so our combat rezzes were very helpful in this fight.



In other news, I’ve decided to also bring my shammy up; I’m figuring that I can alternate between the two alts based on each one’s rest XP: play one until rest is low, then play the other, and so on to get the most out of that extra XP. I am eagerly awating 2.3, too, for when leveling these alts will be even faster. I had been lukewarm about the shaman because I was playing him as enhancement and that playstyle just doesn’t click with me. I took him back to elemental and am enjoying that spec much more. Lesson learned: I am a caster. That’s what I like. The hacking and slashing ain’t my thing.


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