Yet Another Kara Post

We got the Big Bad Wolf for the first time and he was a tough fight. On a third try we got him down with only about 6 folks still alive; in fact, I actually died at the beginning when I was Little-Red-Riding-Hooded and promptly squashed. Yet, my bad luck turned into good fortune when these dropped: Earthsoul Leggings.

One thing to remember about him is that he will briefly target whom he is about to debuff, then turn back to his previous target, then transform the victim. Pitbull makes it easy to spot the next target because the unit frame will turn red. In fact, I spent my dead time calling out targets over TS (had to be of some use, ya know).

The Curator is giving us a heck of a time. I’ve read all the strategy guides I can, but any words of advice are welcome.


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  1. Curator is a pure DPS fight, with a dash of discipline added for fun. (What is your group’s DPS output, generally?)

    If everyone aside from the MT does not focus on burning down the sparks so that there are never two out at a time, then you will wipe.

    The fight is made easier of you have a warlock with some nice arcane resist gear that can be the hateful bolt soaker…. all he’ll have to do to remain second on Curator’s aggro list is keep dots active. The rest of his time can be spent killing sparks.
    The fight is doable with a classic offtank as well – and after the first evocation the offtank can be used to kill the sparks too, since he should have more than enough threat generated to keep high up on Curator’s threat list.

  2. We got BBW for the first time on Thursday, too, and I came away with my Earthsoul Leggings… and a valuable lesson.

    Don’t do the fight in tree form. Because when you become Little Red Riding Hood the movement debuff from tree form remains.

    And the wolf gobbles you up.

  3. Sadly, I was not in tree form when he got me. I ran straight down the right side of the stage, but he was toward the middle and so he made a beeline right to me…stun…squash. Those pants are pretty sweet, aren’t they?

    Ya know, Karthis, I’m not sure about what our DPS is, but we haven’t been using a soaker, so that might help.

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