Going to the Dark Side

No, I’m not leaving my main behind, but I am bringing up an alt who is a shadow priest. I’ve been playing Tsyra regularly the last few days and am enjoying her face-melting abilities. I leveled Gillir as resto (except for about ten levels between the 20s and 30s), so I haven’t been able to enjoy fully being a damage-dealer. Having an alt who is all damage makes for a refreshing change. Grinding is a snap. And so leveling should go quickly (and with the 2.3 changes, it’ll go even faster).

In other news, I healed for a guild run at Attumen the other night. He went down without a hitch, but this run was notable in that we had no crowd control and we ran it without some of the “usual suspects” of our guild, the veterans. In all my previous runs, we had three main healers since I was new to healing 10-mans, but this time we had two main healers (and our enhancement elemental/resto shaman as backup when necessary). I carried a a little over 40% of the healing, not counting the Lifeblooms that the targets are credited with. All in all, learning a lot and learning it fast (in fact, I’ve spent most of my post-70 healing in Kara).

One question I have now is how does Kara compare to heroics? I’m still working on my rep, so I’m not keyed anywhere yet, but when I finally get into heroics, will they be easier than Kara, harder, or about the same?


3 Responses

  1. In my opinion Heroics are generally much harder than Kara. There is almost ZERO room for error – CC has to be spot-on, the tank has to always have aggro, and healing cannot lapse.

  2. That’s good to know. I guess, too, with a 10-man there is a little more room for error as opposed to a 5-man since in the former you’ve got backup. Thanks, Karthis.

  3. I’ve yet to do a heroic, but guildies who have say that, as long as your gear is Kara-ready, you’re heroic-ready. Skill is another matter entirely…

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