L2P Treeform

Saw this on the forums:

Update: According to Insanara, in the comments, this was created by Smoosh, out of EU-Al’Akir.


12 Responses

  1. Okay, I’m not a druid, may never be a druid, but that was absolutely hilarious!

  2. Okay wait…wait just a damn minute. You linked to the wrong forums. You must have!

    I clicked your link above, and it took me to something that looked like the official forums, but every single reply in the thread was helpful, reasonable, informative…



  3. L2P Tree, n00b

    Stormrage’s Dreaming has reposted a fantastic cartoon from the forums, helping you Learn to Play Treeform. Possibly not as funny if you’ve never played a deep resto druid, but oh, it made me laugh and laugh and laugh…

  4. OMG I love this. I love lolcats and it sort of reminds me of them…

    “take you to a world of hurt”… lol!

  5. @ Kestrel: Yes, miracles do happen.

    @ Leafshine: Thanks for the link.

    @ Keredria: Glad you enjoyed it.

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  8. Heh.


    Heheheheheheeheheh – *THUD* *Roll* *Roll*

    Sorry. Fell out of chair and ROTFL’d a bit.

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  10. Thank Smoosh of Darkstorm on EU-Al’akir for that!
    It’s been out for so long and we still thank her for brining it =)

  11. […] while I’m pointing out Alamo homages, you should check out Smoosh’s well done comic explaining how to play as a Tree Druid. Entertaining and informative. It doesn’t get better than […]

  12. […] little blog has received the WoWInsider effect: 1,574 visits today so far. Well, I hope you enjoy Smoosh’s comic, and maybe you can find something else useful or informative in my own posts. At least I’ve […]

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