Kara Continues

Went back into Kara for my second time and we downed the Maiden. The key to that fight, as Karthis comments on my previous post, is that you have to limit the melee fighters or rotate them out, because the Maiden puts a beating on those guys. Last night, we had all ranged DPS except for the tank. Plus, as a healer you have to keep all your attention on the tank so that when her Repentance hits, the tank has enough health to live through it. As a resto druid, your HOTs will be especially useful here, so be sure the tank is loaded with them. Having a boss mod like CTRaidAssist or BigWigs, can help you know when she’s ready to cast Repentance, although it can’t tell you exactly when she will cast it. And boy, that 12 seconds of Repentance is a looooong 12 seconds, especially when you see the tank’s health dropping and all you can do is wait and hope the tank survives.

We then went on to the Opera and got Romulo and Julianne, which was a piece of cake (although this event seems to be the one the guild always gets). You can read the WoWWiki link above for strategy, but it’s not a hard fight. Keep the tanks up while they keep the two lovers apart and all will be well.

We called it a night after the Opera. Up next: The Curator.

P.S. I have some screenshots I’ll post later.
Screenshots after the jump…




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  1. When I’m healing the Maiden fight, I always try to have a full stack of Lifebloom up on the main tank, so that it blooms out during Repentance.

    It makes such a difference… (It’s much like the final fight in Caverns of Time: Opening the Dark Portal)

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