Into Kara

Went into Kara for the first time last night. Got to the Maiden, but had some bad luck on her. We might have had too many melee classes, where for her it seems you need ranged DPS. I had some beginner’s luck with Moroes, though: Signet of Unshakable Faith.

On another topic, I think I’ve finally settled on what alt I will bring up next: a shadow priest, Tsyra. I want to play a DPS caster and I like the abilities of the shadow priest. I’ve tried a warlock and mage, but they just don’t click for me; so shadow priest it is, at least for now.


4 Responses

  1. Congrats on the progression!

    Maiden is certainly a zillion times easier if you can minimize your melee DPS.

    If your group ends up having a lot of meleers, then make sure that they know to run out of the circle and banadage up (health stone/offspec heals, whatever) if their health dips below 50%.

  2. Thanks for the advice. We did it again last night with ranged DPS and the tank as the only melee and it went much smoother.

  3. […] Kara for my second time and we downed the Maiden. The key to that fight, as Karthis comments on my previous post, is that you have to limit the melee fighters or rotate them out, because the Maiden puts a beating […]

  4. I’ve seen the Maiden once, and our tactic, successful, was to send everyone in and burn her down. I normally tank, that’s my spec, but that run I was off-tank. So wearing my “DPS” gear, with about 9k health, I was melee and just ran in and did what I could. No deaths, except for the Maiden’s.

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