The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Harold’s Rejuvenating Broach

So, me and this hunter are working on the elite mastery quests in Nagrand and we get to Gutripper and there are two Alliance (warrior and hunter) and a druid tauren there. They help us with the bird (the tauren, too) and we group with them, to find out that the tauren is the warrior’s RL wife: cross-faction marriage on a pvp server! We all head over to get the elite talbuk, Bach’lor, then we grab the clefthoof, Banthar. In exchange, the first hunter and I go over to help out the tauren with Ring of Blood: and there are so many red names I can’t see the ground, Horde everywhere: but no ganking. They’re all part of the tauren’s group and know we’re there to help. One of those strange and rare moments on a PVP server where the opposing factions help each other out. Afterwards, we head over to get Tusker and thus I am now in possession of the idol above. According to Dr. Damage, my Rejuvenation hits for around 2100 now.


Ran Durnholde on Saturday night, didn’t get the mace. 😦 Majority of the run went smoothly although we hit a bottleneck in leaving the keep with Thrall. I drew too much aggro and died. One problem there is line of sight issues: if I stayed back in the keep the warrior and rogue were out of my LOS. If I moved forward into the entrance, I caught the attention of untagged mobs. We did some switching out of party members: rogue got his warrior and warrior got his paladin (thank goodness for guildies with multiple alts) and the rest of the run went off without a hitch.

I’m thinking about equipping Hypnotist’s Watch instead of one of the healing trinkets to help out with threat. I just hate losing that +healing. But if I’m dead I can’t heal anyway, so perhaps that’s a tradeoff I’ll have to make. The Subtlety cloak enchant might be worth getting, too.


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  1. Great story! And a great blog…glad I stumbled across it.

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