Replacing Hide of the Wild?

I was in Underbog last night and had Cloak of Healing Rays drop from Ghaz’an. I’ve been a pretty die-hard believer in my Hide of the Wild since its +healing is one of the highest I can obtain in a cloak at this time. Yet, let’s compare stats:

Cloak of Healing Rays
+12 Stamina
+13 Intellect
+15 Spirit
+33 Healing

Hide of the Wild
+8 Stamina
+10 Intellect
+42 Healing

If I use Healing Rays, I gain +3 INT, +15 SPI, and +4 STAM while losing 9 Healing. If I remember correctly (I logged out in my grinding gear so I can’t check it), my Healing is at 764 with Healing Rays. I’m thinking that the loss of healing points is compensated by the increases in the other stats. What do yo think?

Update: Have gone with Healing Rays since the tree aura probably compensates somewhat for the healing loss (not sure how much, though, need to find out exactly how much that aura gives you). Got a cheap armor enchant on it now, too.


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