If someone were to ask me what addons I absolutely would not play without, SmartBuff would be near the top of that list. I have been using this addon almost as long as I’ve been playing WoW. Its basic function is to remind you to reapply a buff when it expires. This function is quite useful for longer-lasting buffs (although I’ve found it somewhat annoying when using it with a paladin with a reminder every five minutes). You can choose from three methods of notification: a chat message, a flash message on the screen, and a sound (or any combination of any of these three). I prefer using the flash message. Plus, you can choose which buffs to be reminded of according to templates: for example, one for solo and one for party. In addition, SB is bound to the mouse wheel (while also preserving the zoom binding) so that all you do is zoom in or out to cast the buff.

Here is how I use it: for solo grinding, I have SB set to remind me of Mark of the Wild, Omen of Clarity, and Thorns. Whenever 20 seconds are left in the buff, the reminders begin. For group play, I only have Gift of the Wild set as a reminder, since I don’t see Omen of Clarity being so important in a healing situation and I don’t want to be constantly rebuffing Thorns for five people (thus saving mana). (Although, on this last point, I try to keep Thorns on the tank to give him or her a little extra threat generation: assuming that Thorns does help with this?)

Overall, I have found this addon to be very helpful in reminding me of my buffs and thus giving me one less thing to think about as I play.


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