Outland +Healing Gear 58-63 Part 5

In this section, Ill wrap it up as we look at Weapons Quest Rewards, Instance Boss Drops and Auction House BoEs.

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Part 5 Quest Rewards: Weapons, Instance Boss Drops, and Auction House (Continued on Next Page)


Discussing these quest rewards is really a moot point since any self-respecting resto druid in his or her early 60s is going to hit Honored with Cenarion Expedition as soon as possible in order to get Preserver’s Cudgel (+105H / 5 MP5). For the sake of completeness, here are the quest rewards.


The Staff of Twin Worlds: +35H

Deep Core Lantern (off-hand): +19H

Cenarion Naturalist’s Staff: +30H / 22 crit rating


Ensorcelled Marshfang Blade: +35H / 10 crit rating

Hammer of the Sporelings: +25 / 8MP5

Instance Boss Drops

One of the best resources for this information is Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists.

Hellfire Ramparts

Omor the Unscarred:

Heartblood Prayer Beads: +31H / 4 MP5

Crystalfire Staff: +46H / 16 crit rating

Vazruden & Nazan:

Witching Band: +21H

Band of Renewal: +29H

Blood Furnace

The Maker:

Diamond-Core Sledgemace: +51H / 5 MP5


Kilt of the Night Strider: +33H / 6 MP5

Auslese’s Light Channeler: +59H / Use: Next spell’s mana reduced by up to 215 mana

Slave Pens

Rokmar the Crackler:

Coilfang Hammer of Renewal: +106H


Spore-Soaked Vaneer: +19H / 11 crit rating

Amulet of Unstable Power: +18H / 23 crit rating

The Underbog

There are some caster drops here, but of note on the healing side is Cloak of Healing Rays (+33H) from Ghaz’an. And then there’s the Power Infused Mushroom trinket you get from the Stalk the Stalker quest.

Auction House BoEs

Be sure to check the Auction House to fill in gaps that quests and instances don’t satisfy. I don’t know of a solid resource to check on these, so I’m going to write up items I’ve run across.

Some random enchants to look for:

“…of Healing” (of course, although it’s the only stat on these so you’ll be sacrificing other stats)

“…of the Invoker”

“…of the Hierophant”

“…of the Physician”

“…of the Prophet”

“…of the Sorcerer”

Gloves of Piety: a cloth drop, +40H / 17 int / 27 spi

Azure Moonstone Ring: jewelcrafting, +57H

Consortium Crystal of the Prophet is a nice off-hand: +30H / 13 int / 13 spi

Fact of the matter is that there’s too much variability in BoEs to offer a complete list here, so keep an eye on the AH for upgrades, especially for those slots that don’t have strong healing items in this level bracket.

So, that wraps things up. As I have mentioned before, if there are any mistakes or omissions, let me know and I’ll update the guide.


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