Outland +Healing Gear 58-63 Part 4

In this installment of the guide, we’ll look at Quest Rewards for feet, finger, and trinket slots.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4: Quest Rewards Continued On Next Page


You’ll have to wait until Zangarmarsh, and there you can get:

Marshfang Boots: cloth, +19H

Ikeyen’s Boots: cloth, +19H / 15 crit rating

Swamprunner’s Boots: +14H / Red and Yellow sockets, +3 Spirit socket bonus

Swift Cenarion Footwear: +37H

Cenarion Expedition Boots: +20H



Adept’s Band: +13H / 12 crit rating

Sedai’s Ring: +15H / 5 MP5

Signet of Aeranas: +29H / 5MP5

Holy Healing Band: +33 / 6 MP5 (A better choice than Crimson Pendant of Clarity which is also a reward for this quest.)


Expedition Caster’s Band: +11H / 9 crit rating / 4MP5


Some nifty trinkets are available through quests:

Vengeance of the Illidari: 26 crit rating / Use for +220H for 15 sec.

Hypnotist’s Watch: While not a healing trinket, it’s reduction of threat is useful.

Glowing Crystal Insignia: +26H / Use for +104H for 20 sec.

Next time: Weapons.


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