Outland +Healing Gear 58-63 Part 3

The train keeps rollin’ on. Here’s the next installment of the guide surveying +Healing gear available to the 58-63 bracket. Still looking at quest rewards and in this section we’ll cover the Quest Rewards available for the Wrists, Hands, Waist, and Legs slots.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3: Quest Rewards Continued On Next Page


No healing bracers in Hellfire, so you’ll have to wait until Zangamarsh for these:

Explorer’s Bands: 14H

Marsh Bracers: cloth, 21H

Nothing too exciting there.


As with bracers, so with gloves. In Zangarmarsh you can get these:

Feralfen Mystic’s Handwraps: cloth, +20H


In Hellfire, Foreman’s Sash: cloth, +18H

In Zangarmarsh, Belt of the Moonkin: 16H / 14 crit rating

Again, nothing to shout about,


Things are a little better here.

Hellfire: Nature-Stitched Kilt: +23H

Zangarmarsh: Explorer’s Leggings: +26H

Well, quest rewards for these slots are on the lackluster side. So you might need to be visiting the AH or Blood Furnace (for legs).

Up next: Conclude Quest Rewards with Feet, Finger, and Trinket slots.


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