Outland +Healing Gear 58-63 Part 2

Thus continues my look at +healing gear in the 58-63 level bracket. As with the previous installment, any additions or corrections are welcome.

Part 1

Part 2 Quest Rewards: Continued on Next Page

From Hellfire Quests:

Telhamet Pendant: +21 healing

Draenethyst Chaplet: +16H / 15 Crit. rating

From Zangarmarsh Quests:

Pendant of the Marsh +11H / 4 MP5

Preserver’s Medallion +35H / 6 MP5


Destroyer’s Mantle: Cloth, +35H / 9 crit rating. Reward from Natural Remedies, a lvl. 63 group quest.

Terrorcloth Mantle: Cloth, +11 H / 1 red and 1 yellow socket (+3 crit rate socket bonus)

Zangar Epaulets: Cloth, +20H

Researcher’s Mantle: Cloth, +19H

So it appears that there are no leather healing shoulders as quest rewards in the 58-63 bracket.

Windtalker’s Cloak: +15 H (although the ring would be a better choice for this quest’s reward: Signet of Aeranas: +29H / 5 MP5).

That looks like that’s it: not much to choose from.

In terms of quest rewards, a discussion of druid healing gear at this level begins and ends with:
Sacred Feather Vest: +42H / 14 crit rating.
Zeth’Gor Must Burn!
is not a difficult quest (especially when you can stealth) and this is a strong reward.

If you want an extra 2 points healing and don’t mind cloth, there’s the Shadowcast Tunic. Unlike the Sacred Feather vest quest, Drill the Drillmaster is a tough one with a 62 Elite.

Other rewards include:
Raging Spirit Harness: +23H.

Omenai Vest: +22H / 8 MP5 (which might make it a tempting sidegrade from Sacred Feather)

Whispering Tunic: cloth, +23H

In Zangarmarsh,
Chemise of Rebirth: +21H / 2 blue and 1 yellow (maybe more of a Balance piece with the socket bonus of +5 spell damage)

Alright, that’s it for this installment. Next time we’ll continue looking at quest rewards and we’ll see what you can get for Wrists, Hands, Waist, and Legs.

Then Part 4 will be Quest Rewards: Feet, Finger, and Trinkets. From there, a selected list of weapons, Instance Boss Drops, and, finally, a look at AH BOE gear.


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