Outland +Healing Gear 58-63 Part 1

If you were like me, one thing that you quickly realized upon entering Outland was how woefully undergeared you were. I was flat-out amazed at how much of an upgrade Outland gear was compared to Azeroth. Now, a while back, Shifting Perspectives of WoW Insider posted balance gear that could be easily obtained in Outland (part 1 and part 2). The author has promised to do a write-up for resto gear in the future, but in the meanwhile I thought I’d go ahead and list the gear that I have run across in the first five levels of Outland (as well, some of this gear will echo the WoWInsider Balance list).

While this list is certainly not exhaustive or complete, I hope to hit upon the major pieces of gear that are easy to obtain and will buff your healing stats. And additions are more than welcome, so if there’s something I missed you think should be added, then make a comment and I’ll update the post (that’s what the blogging community is for, right?)

A few other notes about the scope of this guide: I am writing this from an Alliance perspective (although most of these items are also available to the Horde) and I am focusing primarily on the + Healing stat, while also noting any other “green” stats an item may have. Intellect, Spirit, and Stamina are not within the scope of this guide.

I’ll have to work on this guide in parts, so first will be leatherworking and head pieces, then the next installments will cover Quest Rewards (organized by slots), Weapons, Instance Drops, and Auction House BoE’s.

The list after the jump…

Notable Leatherworking Gear

Wildfeather Leggings : A Tribal Leatherworking piece that, if you can’t make it yourself, might be available on the AH, but you may have to get someone to make for you. Equip at lvl. 45 and a keeper for quite awhile with its +40 healing. If there are better leg pieces 45-58, let me know. In Outland, Nature-Stitched Kilt and Explorer’s Leggings offer viable alternatives with boosts to intellect, spirit, and stamina, but cuts in + healing.

Another crafted item which may be more difficult to get but would be worth the trouble: Hide of the Wild. It’s an epic piece, and with +42 healing it gives you one of the highest +healing cloaks in this level range (here’s The Armory list). (Larval Acid is the toughest mat to get because of its poor drop rate, but at least the mobs that drop it are easy to kill.)

As for other crafted leather gear, the Wild Draenish armor can give you a decent set +healing bonus (+33 for two, in addition to each individual piece’s own +healing).

Worth mentioning, too, (although its not equippable until 65 and is BOP) is the Living Crystal Breastplate.

Quest Rewards


If for nothing else but style and an endless supply of beer, Mirren’s Drinking Hat can’t be beat. Oh yeah, there’s also the +35 healing and 5 MP5.

Dirigible Crash Helmet (+25) is available from an easy collection quest.

Phantasmal Headdress (+23) is available early on.

Moonkin Headdress (+23) is a reward from a Blood Furnace quest: The Blood is Life.

Shadowbrim Travel Hat: Cloth, +23H

In the next installment: Neck, Shoulders, Back, and Chest.


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