Blood Furnace

Now that I’m in the 60s, I can finally run with my guildmates (the bulk of whom are at 70). Last night I healed Blood Furnace. While running with a group of 70s has a certain advantage, running through BF with them was not as easy as, say, running with a 70 through Deadmines. More importantly, running these “easier” instances with my guildies helps me to get used to working with them in a group in a less-stressful environment. They’re in Kara right now and probably will still be there when I hit 70 (we’re a small, casual guild). So, working with them now (even if it’s carebearing) will help me transition into running with them in heroics and Kara.

Anyway, the topic that may be of more interest to the reader: What dropped? Actually, some decent healing gear did.

Auslese’s Light Channeler from Broggok

Raiments of Divine Authority from Keli’dan

Socketed the latter with +13 healing, +7 healing and + 3 intellect, and +2 MP5

Those upgrades bring me up to +722 healing and 48 MP5.


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