Blogroll Cleanup

I did some cleaning up of my blogroll and as you can see on the right, a nice crop of druid blogs has come up in the past few months. Thanks to Phaelia whose been keeping up on these druid bloggers. I remember when I began this blog, there were only two druid blogs (that I knew of): Frostbolt and Adventures in Azeroth. Now we have druid blogs of all shapes, from feathers to claws to leaves. Nice to see this community growing as well as it is; and doubly nice to see the engaging level of wit, intelligence, and enthusiasm on these blogs, too. So, here’s a shout-out to all those druid bloggers: Cenarius and Malfurion would be proud.


2 Responses

  1. For whatever reason the druid community seems to have exploded in the last little while. Like you, as I was starting there were only a couple druid blogs I knew of. Now? 12 if your list has them all (and it’s a more complete list than I’ve noticed elsewhere)

  2. Yeah, it really has. What’s really great is how these different blogs reveal the complexity and fun of playing a druid.

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