Oh the Vanity…But It’s All Glowy

Sometimes you’re perusing the Auction House and you see a piece of equipment that provides a slight gain in your stats, but nothing to go head over heels about. And then you see it equipped and for purely aesthetic reasons alone, you hit the buyout button, equip it, and enjoy how it looks. Well, maybe you haven’t done that, but I admit that sometimes aesthetic criteria enter into my buying decisions and so I am now the proud owner of the Councillor’s Scepter of Healing. Yes, it only offers +7 more healing than I already had, but it’s all glowy. 😛


As for leveling, have gotten to 54. Spent the past few days in Felwood. Nothing spectacular to report. Healed BRD and didn’t have any wipes, but I had a bad habit of getting aggro and dying; otherwise, the run went smoothly.



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