Hoodoo, Mojo, and Pirate Hats

This past weekend yielded substantial results in both leveling and gear.  I had spent the majority of last week hovering around 45 due to a brief hiatus from playing my main and spending time on my shaman and paladin. On Friday, I got Gillir back into action and hit 46. Then on Saturday he hit 47.

A Door Closed, A Window Opened

I healed a partial Maraudon run with a shaman tank, warlock, and two hunters. We were doing well until one of the hunters left. We attempted to forge ahead with a 4-person group but it was a lost cause. After a wipe, the shaman went offline and so the rest of us called it quits. Consolation, though, came later that night when one of my 70 guildmates took myself and another Olde Guard (45 rogue) through Zul’Farrak.

New Gear

In Zul’Farrak, I obtained Jinxed Hoodoo Skin from Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz. I was also able to complete the Divino-matic Rod quest and got this reward: Engineer’s Guild Headpiece. This helm provides +23 Intellect. Then yesterday, I completed Southsea Shakedown and received these: Southsea Mojo Boots, which are now part of the healing gear.

Improved Healing Stats

So with the new gear, here are my healing stats (buffed):

Bonus Healing: 154

Crit Chance: 7.95%

Mana Regen: 132

Mana: 3529

Intellect: 187

Spirit: 174

Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

Yesterday, I finished the pirate quests in Tanaris and had the good fortune to team up with another Olde Guard (42 hunter) in completing those quests. We got into a few tight spots since the pirate camp aggros very easily and we would find ourselves fighting multiple foes simultaneously. We did wipe once, but were victorious otherwise.


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