Onward and Upward

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated so here’s the goings-on of late for Ol’ Gil. I dinged 43 last night: the last half of that level was from SM: Armory (more on that in a bit). Leatherworking is at 256: I made a good run in leveling LW while doing the wild leather quests, but that’s slowed down now that the patterns are requiring more mats and less-easily obtained mats. Two patterns on the horizon that I want to make are: Wildfeather Leggings and Living Shoulders. Both should be effective additions to my healing gear.

Speaking of healing, I did my first run as a healer in SM: Armory last night. Group

composition was 2 warriors, 2 paladins, and myself. Given that kind of group, I suppose that made things a little easier on me for healing, but still, it wasn’t a cakewalk, especially for a beginner. We had one wipe when I got too much aggro and died, otherwise I kept my guys alive and we downed Herod with little fuss. Sadly, no good drops for me: all mail and swords, and the one thing I could use, I already had. At one point we nearly bit the dust, too many mobs, we were all going down and then I popped Tranquility: holy cow, what a lifesaver! It saved us from wiping. And I was able to get it off at just the right time (beginner’s luck I suppose). So, overall it was a good run and very encouraging for this neophyte healer.

A couple of things I need to work on: 1) Better mana conservation and 2) Handling aggro  (which is probably more the tank’s responsibility than mine). For the former point, I’m not sure what to do besides getting better gear and watching for overheals. I was probably healing too much, but better safe than sorry I suppose. For the latter point, whenever I got aggro I would go bear and hit Frenzied Regeneration until someone got the mobs off me. That didn’t always work. I have to resist the temptation to run or fight (thus increasing my threat).

While I’m on the subject of healing, I want to mention a blog I found last week: Resto4Life.  I had been looking for a blog written from the resto pov and I have found this one to be quite informative and well-written.

Another point that needs updating is my spec. I had written awhile back about considerations for where to take my talents after lvl. 41. I have decided to stay in the resto tree and get Tree of Life. I’ll be able to get it at lvl. 51. After that, I might put some points in Balance, but I’m heavily considering go all-out resto, so we’ll see what happens then. Here’s the current spec: 1/0/33.


2 Responses

  1. “For the latter point, whenever I got aggro I would go bear and hit Frenzied Regeneration until someone got the mobs off me. That didn’t always work. ”

    Have you tried shifting to cat form and hitting Cower? (Whatever the cat form aggro shed ability is.)

  2. I haven’t tried cat form, but had read that since bear offers higher armor and HP it helps with survivability. But, hey, I won’t know for sure until I try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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