Of Wolf and Man


Got LW up high enough to craft the Wolfshead Helm. It will be a boon for this reason:

Equip: When shapeshifting into Cat form the Druid gains 20 energy, when shapeshifting into Bear form the Druid gains 5 rage.

Since I only have 2 points in Furor (and will probably be putting no more there), this helm should help out a lot in getting that much-needed initial rage or energy when Gil shifts.

Speaking of specs, it’s decision time. Gil now has 31 points in resto and so has Swiftmend. (Here’s the spec). Now the question is: Where to go from here? I could keep going in the resto tree, but that’s not my top choice because I want to have points in either Feral or Balance for grinding. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get Tree of Life. There are two possible options here: take a detour through feral or balance then come back to resto (something like this in balance, for instance. Or put the remaining points into another tree then respec for full resto later. I am leaning toward this build:


I like grinding in feral and I can get points in Nurturing Instinct and Heart of the Wild which would complement resto. Any suggestions are indeed welcome.


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  1. […] point that needs updating is my spec. I had written awhile back about considerations for where to take my talents after lvl. 41. I have decided to stay in the […]

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