Midnight Rider


Dinged on Thursday, got the mount yesterday. A guildmate helped out with the last bit of gold I needed and then him and another lvl. 70 guildie did some of the Stromgarde quests with me in Arathi, so it was a nice way to celebrate Gillir’s forty-hood. Leatherworking is at 217. Skinning is at 237. Not much else extraordinary to report; been grinding in Badlands, and have a couple of quests to finish there then will need to figure out where to go next. Of course there’s SM and Ulda to do, but not sure which zone to focus on.


One Response

  1. Congrats on making 40. Never was even close to having enough gold myself to buy my mount. Actually, warlocks got them free at the time, had to do a quest so I could summon the nightmare and I think it cost some gold but not near as much as regular price.

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