Leveling Fun

The leveling grind slowed down as Gillir worked on leveling his professions. Leatherworking is at 119 and Skinning is at 153. Really need to get the latter up so that I can skin mobs while questing instead of killing mobs that afford no xp. Did some running around last night to pick up some vendor recipes: Redridge, Darkshore, Ashenvale, then Darnassus for the Moonglow Vest quest. That may be a lot of trouble, but I’m something of a completist so if it’s out there, I want it. Gillir did get within 6 bars of 38 so tonight should seal the deal. Hopped on Tsotoski afterwards and got him to 25 while farming leather and ore. And dinging 25 meant that he could tame a Black Ravager Mastiff, too. Not only does he look cool, but he also has Bite 4 and Furious Howl 2. He’s named “Maugrim.”

And if you haven’t heard yet, The Armory has some new, handy-dandy features. I did this search for healing, mana regen, and intellect and found this:

Imperial Leather Helm.

Be sure to follow the link and see the picture of it. The intellect bonus isn’t much for Gillir since he already has +11 on his present hat, but the spirit is, and besides it looks wicked.

Edit: Changed title since this post was getting a ton of spam (not sure if that will help or not, though.


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  1. On Saturday I got in the mail the 10 day trial for the WoW expansion pack. So if you know anyone that would like it let me know. And while cleaning up, I found my installation disks from way back when. My main on lotro is only 5 levels from getting his warpony, hehe. Adding the word pony just really takes the edge off of it.

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