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Why do I always get a whisper for an instance run right when I’m about to log out? I can be on for hours and never hear a thing, then as soon as I’m going to log I get a whisper: “Wanna run SM?” Anyway, I’ll get into SM soon, even try out the dreaded LFG thingie. I’ve got my eye on this: Hand of Righteousness. Looks sweet for healing.

In other news, G. is working his way to 40. He’s changed professions in an effort to bring in more money so goodbye to herb/alchemy and hello to skinning/leatherworking. To complement that, my hunter is now a gatherer: skinning and mining. The switch to LW for G. seems a good move, too, given the BOP stuff you can craft later on, like this: Windhawk Hauberk.


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  1. If you can get a hold of the recipe for Dark Leather Tunic (which is a drop, not a trainer recipe, so look in the AH), that’s a good continuous source of cash on any realm I’d imagine. It’s a lvl 15 green +agi item that I think has +8 agility, so all the little rogues and hunters (of which there are a billion) snap that stuff up in a jif.

    I sell them for 99s-1g75s depending on the current market. Definitely it’s easy to sell them for a buyout of 1g25s, and since you’re a skinner it’s cost effective to get the mats yourself, and better profit too!

    WoWGrrl player blog

  2. I’ll keep a lookout for that one. Thanks.

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