Black Mirror

The tower in Southshore.

Spent the weekend on an alt binge but got back onto Gillir yesterday and he’s not far from 36. I finally got Outfitter set up to switch between solo and healing gears. Here are the stats:






While working on the Worth Its Weight in Gold quest, I had a few greens drop: two I equipped and each had around +7-8 stam, so the stamina stat is doing pretty good.

After dinging 35 on Friday, Gillir trekked all over Kalimdor to get alchemy trained up: first to Feathermoon Stronghold for the artisan training, then over to Gadgetzan for the philosopher’s stone and transmute recipes, and now he’s no longer stuck at 225 (as he has been for the past 10 levels).

So, that’s the latest news.


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  1. I dunno how well it sells on your realm, but the Philosopher’s Stone recipe is one I regularly resell in the Auction House for nice markup.

    Generally I list it for 6-9g and recently someone has been posting them for 15g so as long as I only list one at a time, mine sells regularly.

    Good for that mount money collection 🙂

    WoWGrrl player blog

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