A Dark Threat Looms


Well, no dancing furbolgs and grand celebration (as with the Draenei capstone quest ) but a nice little shout-out nonetheless. Tsotoski was able to complete this quest-chain solo, which is somewhat difficult given that the Mo’Grosh crystal drops from the elite 18-19 ogres. One ended up dropping after about ten or so ogres (spread out over a couple of different days). I had been fighting them with Waya (wolf) but came back with Setimkia (bear) and that did the trick (being level 18 helped, too, of course). A little back story on Setimkia: he was “Deathclaw”, a wanted mob on Bloodmyst Isle. I had seen him while playing my Draenei shammy and thought he’d make a very distinctive pet. The name, too, has significance: It comes from a Kiowa chief and means “charging bear” or “an animal pressing down” (although it was mistranslated as “stumbling bear”).


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