I’ve been playing for about four months now and I have never seen a blue drop from a regular mob, out in the wild. Last night, Gillir got not one, but two blue weapons from world drops. The first was from a Highland Strider in Arathi Highlands: Dense Triangle Mace (which according to Allakhazam has a 0.00% chance of dropping!). Gillir went ahead and equipped it. The second blue dropped in Duskwood from a Worgen, in the Rotting Orchard area: Killmaim . Now here’s the question: Do I equip it on my hunter or do I auction it?

By the way, Gillir dinged 32 (again, grinding Worgen FTW; got me through the last 20% or so to 32).


4 Responses

  1. Awesome drops. I would say send the axe to your hunter. The nice damage over 30 seconds really makes this weapon for me. You just got the Battle Slayer of the Wolf also so you could go with either one. Guy at Alakhazam said he used Killmaim for 10 levels so you may be set for a weapon for your hunter for awhile.

  2. I’m leaning toward keeping the axe; he’s got another 3 levels though before he can use it.

  3. Nice to find those rare blue world drops!

    I found a blue lvl 27 +str +agi mail helm the other day while farming Arathi for leather – with the battleground twinks I’m sure I could have sold it for 20g on the Auction House, but I ended up sending it to a guildmate friend with whom I party a lot and trade dungeon run-throughs on our lowbies. If I had a lowbie warrior I would have used it myself tho, for sure!

    WoWGrrl player blog

  4. Well I did end up selling Killmaim on the AH since it’s DOT was only a chance on hit; and since my hunter is BM spec he doesn’t need a melee weapon like that anyway.

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