Ending Their World

In Ending Their World, you are tasked with accompanying Demolitionist Legoso in order to destroy the Blood Elves’ Vector Coil. Tsoai and a fellow shammy were successful in bringing down Sironas, the boss. When you turn in the quest at Blood Watch, Exarch Admetius hails you as savior and champion of the Draenei, and then you go outside and meet Prophet Velen in the midst of a celebration of Furbolgs and Draenei. The quest rewards are OK, but what I liked was getting the Tabard of the Hand.





3 Responses

  1. Yeah this is definitely a cool quest. Makes you feel like you really accomplished something, what with the celebration in your honor and your acceptance into the ranks of the Hand. I soloed it (well kinda, you do have the npc taking the hits) with my hunter (hunters ftw!) but my shammy needed a pal. I think the Draenei starting area is my favorite by far.

  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Draenei starting area: a lot of quests, all close together, you can level up to 20 quickly.

  3. […] no dancing furbolgs and grand celebration (as with the Draenei capstone quest ) but a nice little shout-out nonetheless. Tsotoski was able to complete this quest-chain solo, […]

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