Lookin’ California, Feelin’ Minnesota

Brief notes:

Gillir dinged 31 in Duskwood; that area has been quite good to him for leveling; the worgen are plentiful, respawn frequently, and produce decent XP.

Tsoai is working on the water totem quest; he’s 21 at the moment; you have to go all the way to Ashenvale, fill a boca, then return to Bloodmyst and kill Tel’athion. He got me and so now I have to go back to Ashenvale and refill the boca. [Oops, goofed on that; went back to Ashenvale to discover that I didn’t have to go back; I just had to let the quest reset; oh well]

Tsotoski is at 16, nothing extraordinary there. He was wandering around Loch Modan and ran across the entrance to Badlands. He stepped in and got the discovery XP then turned around to see a 52 NE sitting on his mount. Tsot. heads back to safer territory and the NE says “ur gonna die.” Well, duh. Then the guy challenges Tsot. to a duel! Must have thought I was a noob or something. Not sure what he was thinking; yeah, a lvl. 16 dueling a lvl. 52.

Halja got up to 13; took out Hogger when she was at 11, which was a piece of cake: voidwalker tanked , Halja blasted away, and that was all she wrote; and somewhat anticlimactic seeing that every time I’m on someone’s on general chat “lfg Hogger” making it seem like he’s some uber-boss (or maybe the warlock is overpowered.)


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