Just a note to say that Gillir went after Fenros in Duskwood. He’s a lvl. 32, rare spawn. Gillir was looking for this:

Tribal Worg Helm

Tribal Worg Helm

[Cue Homer Simpson drool] That’s +7 Agility /+6 Intellect /+6 Spirit! Would be pretty sweet for the drood.

Instead, he got this: Ravenwood Bow.Which would be fine if he were a freakin’ hunter! (And Tsotoski is a dwarf so it’s no good for him either.) Well, maybe it’ll go well on the AH.

 I wasn’t even sure I would find Fenros because he is a rare spawn. I had killed two worgens and was standing there and Fenros spawned on top of me: literally. He put up quite a fight, Gillir had to down a healing pot, but stood victorious in the end.


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